Palm shortening and Orangutans;

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A concerned customer wrote in

a question on one of my favorite topics today;

I love your restaurant & of course your donuts
too, but I avoid palm oil like the plague!
I probably don't need to tell you about its toll
on the environment or how the orangutans are affected (killed).
Anyway, I always avoid the donuts during brunch
at Pepples but they're delicious! Any plans to switch
to another kind of oil? Most vegans I know
are boycotting Eart Balance & any products
containing palm oil...

Thanks for your time.
See you soon!

my response was this;

Dear concerned in Oakland (but really I used her name)

I appreciate your concern, and like you, I care about doing whats right as a responsible
person and whats right for the animals. My vegan business is built around a high ethical standard.
Not only do we use sustainable palm;
but all of our palm shortening is also certified organic;
from the above company. or sometimes we buy from these people;
It costs more. A box of shortening costs about $58
I could be paying $29 a box for the same product, not certified organic,
and it would look, smell, taste the same. But we don't, and the reason why is
only Organic Palm Shortening is sustainably farmed- Just the same, go ahead and buy some earth balance.
Just buy the organic one. Its not the product, its the farming practice-

Please research this for yourself, contact our suppliers, and eat our donuts guilt-free.

While you are at it, please tell all of your friends.
Oils are a big way that our food gets "polluted" and the politics as well as the realities of oils 
and their role in our health and ethics are clouded- because thats the way big agriculture wants it!
Personally, Anna, you could not pay me to eat soybean oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, and
the stuff most restaurants put in their fryers and in their food. Even so-called vegan and natural restaurants.

We only use organic oils in our donuts, and olive or coconut oil in our restaurant.
We run a GMO free restaurant. 
The donuts are 100% organic. 
Organic means non-GMO.

Thank you for your concern.

Josh Levine,
Pepples Donuts, Donut Farm
oakland :: san francisco
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